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Electro Technical calibration services

Electrotechnical Metrology ( DC~18 GHz, 0 to 40 kV DC/AC pp, 0 to 2000 A)

Multimeter ( upto 10 ppm basic DC accuracy) DC Power Supply (upto 1000A) Milliohmeter / Microhmeter
Clamp Meter / InsulationTester Multifunction Process Calibrator) Hybrid Recorder
Megger Tester (upto 5 kV) Digital Thermometer (RTD,T/C) Signal Generator (upto 18 GHz)
Oscilloscope (upto 1 GHz) Indicator / Controller Frequency Counter (upto 18 GHz)
High Voltage Tester (upto 40 kV) LCR Meter Spectrum Analyzers (upto 18 GHz)
Panel Meters (AC, DC Timer / Totalizer RF Communication Test Sets
Power / Energy Meters Current Inject Test Set (AC 2000A) Gauge Blocks / Length Bar
Field Strength Meter Transformer Turns Ratio Tester Pin-Hole DetectorPin-Hole Detector